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Arsenal in Russell, N.Y.

The Arsenal in Russell was built for the war of 1812. Russell was chosen because it was interior (meaning away from the St. Lawrence river) far enough to be ready in case of an invasion.

It was a massive stone building 3 stories high 30 x 50 feet on the ground and originally was surrounded by a high stone fence bristling with spikes.

In 1865 it was sold and used as a school and later, at the time of Knox Memorial School centralization in the 1940’s, was used as a school again.

Arsenal in 1908.
Arsenal burning in 1945.

The arsenal burned in 1945. There was a 20 x 30 inch bronze tablet that was on the corner of the arsenal. Given by the “Old Arsenal Teachers and Students Association" in 1929, after the Arsenal burned it was mounted on a large flat rock and was in the rear of the Knox School building.

Submitted by:
Marie Rocca, Town Historian
January 2007

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